The experience of the workshop "Making a Rose" is simply unique.

One of the greatest testimonials that can tell is the resonance from the workshop in South Africa.

In July 2005 Luisa joined the Keiskamma Friends, a group of people from all parts of the world who are involved in assisting the social, cultural and economic development of the Keiskamma villages on the Eastern Cape.

She taught the ancient technique of Cartapesta Leccese. And she taught the women of the village how to make roses in order to complete one of their altarpieces showed in the picture. This work is a real triumph of their skills of beading, embroidery and cartapesta.


The altarpiece is modelled on the 'Virgin in the Rose Bush' at Colmar. It pays tribute to those who take in orphaned children in addition to their own, hence the exhibition title; "Pick Me Also for Your Child". The altarpiece has been sold to the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum, of Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

The workshop in the little Eden in South Africa was an opportunity to exchange information and new skills even though there was no language in common.

Few women understood English, as the former language was Xhosa. An interpreter translated the main advice and directions given by Luisa. The remainder of the days were filled with moments of silence and laughter, as she often remembers. And of joy and surprise after each rose made. The magic was among all these beautiful women who had so much precious appreciation. "Speaks all languages the rose"

Workshop Description

The 'Making a Rose' Workshop is based on the teaching of the ancient art of Cartapesta Leccese, as well as the special technique of making roses that Luisa has improved along the years.

The special thing is that is possible to make a rose without using scissors, with specific sheets of paper and homemade glue. But most important of all, are the ingredients of patience and love.

The 'Making a Rose' Workshop is a moment of sharing gentleness and joy helping people developing their hidden talents. It has a definite purpose, which is to inspire self discovery, and further creativity, naturally expressing their creativity with gentleness, concentration and silence.

As for Luisa's journalism background the workshop will include the use of words as well. Participants will be encouraged to write words to reflect the creativity explored by the experience. It may be words to accompany their new rose or words to reflect the moment. Alternatively it can be the writings of their dreams or something of personal significance to each participant. The writings will be carefully inscribed onto special handmade paper.

The sheets will then be torn to magically become the petals of a wonderful rose. Such a rose, it is hoped, will serve as a reminder of one's individual potential - the inner part of each of us that nobody should ever forget.


Workshops are always tailor-made to needs, designed for individuals, or for institutions as part of their own programmes and purposes, for schools, museums, to tie in with current exhibitions or to be run independently.

The workshops run from 3 hours to 1 day.
The advanced course lasts for a week and taster sessions (for exhibitions, fairs or events) can be arranged on request.

Workshop last daily from 10am - 4pm (including a break).
All the necessary material (glue ingredients, paper) is included.

At the end of the workshop, participants will have the skills necessary to be able to make a rose, and will have a rose which holds the essence of their creative self.
They will have learned to make a rose in the ancient art of Cartapesta Leccese and be touched by the words of the rose's magic language.

Target audience: Adults and children aged 12 upwards.
There are no pre-experience or special skills needed.

Please call for a non-obligating preparation talk and for course prices.

Luisa says:

"... making roses took me in places that I could not even have imagined. And I met wonderful people whilst I travelled.

A simple thing helped me to weave the spectacular tapestry of my life.

For me making roses is the metaphor of following your way, your talent.

With a simple thing I found out how magic became part of my reality, with a tribute to our uniqueness, trying simply being an authentic me"