When you wear Luisa's Rose Jewelry, joy and grace will surround you all day long.

Liberty Rose Luisa says: 'When I make the roses for my jewelry I feed the environment with silence. I slowly warm up my clay with my hands and then I start making each petal from the heart of the rose. I do it carefully and I let the material take me to the final result. The roses come as they want. It is real magic!

Sometimes I have blue moods. What happens is that while I'm working, the rose changes my feelings. The grace of this beautiful flower is so strong that it brings back joy and peace to my heart. I think this is the reason why my clients often say they have special feelings while wearing my roses'.


'My roses are made with a synthetic clay which displays a porcelain affect. I love mixing different kinds of the material. I often melt the clay with coloured powder to find more nuances, sometimes using glitter to give them a little sparkle!

The roses are then baked in the oven and by playing with the temperature I can obtain even more surprising colours.

My roses can adorn rings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches. They also look beautiful placed on handbags, hairclips or shoes....or any where you can see a Rose.'




Group of Roses
Luisa Takes Commissions

You can buy Luisa's jewelry by contacting Words and Roses.
She can create specific colours or sizes of the Roses
to your requirements.

Prices Guide:
Rings, necklaces, bracelet: small £24, medium £28, large £32
Hairclips: Small £15, Medium £18, Large £20
Brooches: £26







Luisa photo by Marina Spironetti

We Love Roses

''Yesterday morning I needed my red rose on my finger. I knew its magic would inspire my day. I was right, it was a magic day''
Claudia, Rome, Italy

''I often wear my roses, I have many colours. Sometimes I start dreaming just looking at the petals around and around. They are so beautiful, and the roses are all different''
Christina, London, UK

''I love my white necklace rose. When I wear it I feel better''
Salia, Parigi, France

''I love the poetry inside each rose. I wear my pink one on special occasions''
Madalena, Lisbon, Portugal

''They are romantic and they give me joy''
Stefania, Panama City, Panama

''I have a real collection of Luisa roses. I also have a special bracelet made with a yellow rose and a silk scarf in it that I wrap around my arm or my ankle. It looks very sexy''
Laura, Lecce, Italy

''Your roses make me dream. They are made from the same as what dreams are made of!...As William Shakespeare would say''
Marina, London-Paris