The power of language is what first attracted Luisa Cotardo to a career in print and radio journalism, reportage and broadcasting - both here in London and in her native Italy.

Luisa's 20 years in journalism span everything from travel reports to wide-ranging pieces on the visual arts, music and cultural events.

She writes extensively about Italy, regularly travelling all over the country to produce in-depth travel portraits of the place and its people.

Every destination - every subject - has its own unique story to tell. Luisa strongly believes in the positive power of language and adapts her style as the subject requires to persuade, entertain and inform.

In addition to her journalism, Luisa is also experienced translator from English into Italian - and also now creates original handmade cards on request. Amusing, poetic, poignant... the right words chosen for each individual occasion, tailored to the company or the people involved

Words can create a universe: each word can be a universe unto itself. Luisa Cotardo can transform your ideas into words that sing.